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20th May – London, Paddington

London Automation Summit 2023 - Free Tickets - Sold Out!

We are excited to announce the London Automation Summit 2023 will host the largest Power Automate Low Code Automation Bootcamp taking place on 19th & 20th May 2023.
Free For Everyone to attend and learn Automation!

19th May 2023

Power Automate for Beginners Bootcamp

This Hands on Bootcamp to get started with Low Code Automation with Power Automate providing practical sessions to learn how to automate common business operations with Power Automate. 

RPA for Beginners Bootcamp

During this full day workshop you will learn RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in Microsoft Power Platform, How to run cloud flows that includes local machine steps, How to use Power Automate Desktop, Tips & Tricks to make your desktop flows more efficient!

20th May 2023 

London Automation Summit 

Power Automate &  Low Code Development

The London Automation Summit will focus on Intermediate & Advanced Topics related to Power Automate & Power Apps Development addressing real world project challenges including the following topics;

  1. Power Automate 
  2. Power Apps
  3. A.I. / ChatGPT
  4. Microsoft 365
  5. Power Platform ALM

This year we will be providing an opportunity to help you prepare to pass your Microsoft Certifications for PL200 and PL400 Crash Courses. There are Limited seats available for this classroom training opportunity with Microsoft MVP MCT’s and Authors. 

Conference Tracks

Power Automate


Power Platform

AI Builder






Graph API


Cognitive Services

Automation Summit Agenda

Speaker Sessions Title Description
Track 1
Phill Topness 09:00 -Microsoft Keynote Automation Summit is Excited to host this years Keynote with Principle Program Manager at Microsoft PowerCAT
Jason Coombes Faiz Muhammad Nihal Mushtaq Amin 10:00 - Industry use case for automating manual business processes with AI and power platform Industry use case for automating manual business processes with AI and power platform .
Ilya Fainberg 11:00 - Build efficient Apps and Business Processes with Process Mining Process Mining is a way to get insights about the efficiency of your business processes or apps without building complex analytics.
Christian Bauer Jan Moritz Gerbracht 12:00 - Let's (Power) Automate all your documents with dox42

Developing custom solutions with document output is costly and time-consuming? Not anymore. Easily build your applications with Microsoft Power Apps and let dox42 take care of the document generation.

What you will see in this session:

  • Seamlessly integrate and set up your document generation Power Apps and Flows.
  • Generate your documents where you need them: from a Power App, a Power Automate Flow or directly in your Dynamics 365 applications or SharePoint/Teams.
  • Easily design complex documents in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint with tables, conditions, barcodes, charts, images, etc.
  • Combine data sources: Dataverse, SharePoint, M365, D365 FinOps, CE & BC, Web Services, SQL and many more.
Feline Parein 14:00 - How to develop enterprise critical applications with the Power Platform How do you develop a big Power App in a team? Based on a real-life scenario we will discuss our environment strategy, our solution strategy and how we co-developed on a single Power App.
Daniel Laskewitz 15:00 - Extend the Power Platform with Custom Connectors There are a lot of extensibility options in the Power Platform. One of those is custom connectors. Of course, the Power Platform already has 800+ connectors, but sometimes you miss a connector, an action, or a trigger. Microsoft offers the option to create custom connectors for that. These connectors allow users to connect to and integrate with various external data sources, such as web services or databases, and use that data in their Power Apps, Power Automate cloud flows, and Logic Apps. In this session, Daniel will build a custom connector step by step and show you what you should be aware of when working on custom connectors.
Dieter De Cock 16:00 - Digital Transformation through Automation Center Of Excellence Digital transformation is changing industries in profound and surprising ways. One of the most powerful in enabling business to gain a competitive advantage may surprisingly not affect customers at all—it's Hyper automation / robotic process automation (RPA). By using software robots, RPA's technology makes it easy for companies to emulate human actions interacting with digital systems and software. Enterprise organizations have been using RPA to increase efficiency, connect with legacy systems, reduce mistakes, and improve security. Join us for this session where we’ll demonstrate how organizations are doing enterprise-wide rollout of automation with RPA and beyond.
Track 2
Tomasz Poszytek 10:00 - Cloud flows debugging and error handling Have you seen the scope control in list of Power Automate actions? Have you ever thought how to use it and basically, why is it there? Have you had problems with making your cloud flows to work as expected? Do you struggle with learning why your flows are failing? If any question rings you a bell, this session is for you!
Eickhel Mendoza 11:00 - Improve the performance of your Cloud Flows in Power Automate Power Automate is a platform that aims to improve business processes with a series of actions that help streamline existing operations. During this talk, I will show you some tips to improve the performance of Flows connected to SharePoint, Azure SQL and some general tricks to get the most out of your solutions.
Peter Baddeley 12:00 - Building Better Flows: A Five Step Guide How many people have built a Flow in a rush and wish they could go back to change it now? How many people have inherited a Flow that has a step called compose 7? How many people have built a Flow straight against a live SharePoint Site?
Diego Domingos da Silva 14:00 - Power Platform Solutions: Package your apps and flows and save yourself from future headaches Are your apps and flows all over the place or split through multiple environments? Have any of your flows ever broke because the author has left the company? Learn some simple techniques that will help you cleanup your environments, make your apps scalable and future proof as well as scaling up apps and flows already being used.
Peter Baddeley 15:00 - Deep Dive into Integrating Model Driven Apps with SharePoint The Dataverse is not the best place to store Documents and SharePoint is a terrible relational database. Together they can be used as a platform for building solutions to manage your business. However, the out of the box integration does not reflect how many organisations want to manage the SharePoint architecture. Calling on over 10 years experience integrating the two platforms Peter Baddeley assess the options available. He will explain the core components that make the integration work and how organisations can leverage that to build their own architecture.
Magnus Sørensen 16:00 - Automated in-memory testing of Power Automate Flows Tools like FakeXrmEasy and XrmMockup allows a developer to mock a Dataverse environment so their plugins can be run locally. In this session, I will show how the Power Automate Mock-Up tool can mock Power Automate Flows and together with XrmMockup can test business logic that executes back and forth between Power Automate Flows and plugins. This adds a new dimension to automated testing in Dataverse that will create more durable applications.
Track 3
Miguel Verweij 10:00 - The Good, the Great, and the Mega of the Creator Kit Do you create Canvas Apps? Do you create Custom Pages? Do you want your app to look good? Do you spend too much time on all the control properties? Do you want to attend a session where you learn things you can implement right after?
Feline Parein 11:00 - Co-development in Power Apps, the different stages of working together Working together on a single Power App is not easy, but sometimes you have no other option. I will discuss different strategies you can use right away to help you manage your co-development. From solution strategies, working with components and even how to integrate git into your development cycle.
Devendra Salve 12:00 - Power Platform- The Pivot you need to Transform your Business Operations Despite the abundance of tools and applications available for business operations, value realization from them remains a challenge. Not only do they need to deliver business outcomes but have to feel bespoke to business-specific use cases. Power Platform is a set of low-code tools that enables you to create effective and adaptable solutions for your business challenges. A toolchain that enables the creation of a unified platform that seamlessly integrates data across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other enterprise apps, to build comprehensive solutions. This session will demonstrate how Power Platform can transform your business operations with an industry case and live examples.
Suparna Banerjee 14:00 - Deep Dive into Power Platform ALM This session will discuss about various options to implement Application Lifecycle Management in Power Platform including Demos . Topics to cover - 1. Power Platform ALM with Azure DevOps and GitHub 2.ALM Accelerator 3.Power Platform Pipelines
Django Lohn 15:00 - Automating your Power Platform ALM with Azure DevOps Pipelines Application Lifecycle Management in Power Platform can be a lot of manual imports / exports. Solutions, Power Apps, Power Automate Flows... Let Azure DevOps Pipelines help you take away the manual exports and imports of your Business Applications. In this hands-on workshop you will setup Azure DevOps Pipelines to export a Power Platform Solution from DEV and import to PROD and store the Solution as source code in git repository. Be sure to have a tenant available where you are Global Admin with Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Pipeline agents, Power Platform Environments and a Power Platform Solution.
Alexandre Baker-Wong Charlie Phipps 16:00 - Developing Canvas App in DevOps and CI/CD Utilising Azure DevOps to support CI/CD Development in Canvas Apps. From setting up Power Platform Environments to Azure DevOps Repos, Pipelines and Releases.
Track 4
Alexandre Baker-WongCharlie Phipps 10:00 - Build an accessible app Together we build a Power App Canvas App with accessibility features built in. Making the application usable for screen readers, keyboard-only users, and visually impaired users.
Magnus Sørensen 11:00 - Event-driven architecture with Dataverse In the world of custom development the concept of Domain Driven Design and Event Stores are becoming the preferred way to make durable applications. Dataverse can not store events in a reliable way, but it can pass them on and receive them in a reliable way. In this session, I will show the different alternatives in the Power Platform that can be used to pass events in and out of Dataverse to make a more durable application. You will get a taste of Domain Driven Design and the power it brings to an application.
Lewis Baybutt 12:00 - Room Booking with Graph API & Power Platform Room Booking with Graph API & Power Platform
Michal Ziemba 14:00 - Get control of your time using Microsoft 365 and Power Automate Do you need yet another tool to track the number of hours spent at work or on a project? Not any longer, now that you use the Microsoft 365 suite. In this brief demonstration, I'll show you some magic in how to combine Outlook calendar, Power Automate, and Excel to summarize your time spent at work or on projects.The following are the main takeaways from the session: - how to structure your time to maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid stress 🙂 - how to use Power Automate with Outlook Calendar events to avoid recurring triggers - how to calculate the year's week number and event duration in Power Automate - how to use Excel to collect and summarize time spent at work or on projects registered in Outlook
Matt Weston 15:00 - Advanced Teams Provisioning with Power Automate Regardless of where your stance is with regards to Teams Governance, we all dream of being able to create a consistent Team, but how easy is it to do this with Power Automate? Can we create the Team? Can we create the channels? Can we install and add apps and tabs? In this session we will look at some of the provisioning techniques and how the Power Platform can help overcome some of the governance challenges.
Eickhel Mendoza 16:00 - Extend the Power Platform with API Management Come and learn about this new way to extend the features of the Power Platform with the help of API Management and its use as a custom connector. In this session we will create an API from scratch for use in a Dataverse for Teams solution.
Track 5
Gopalan Ramakrishnan 11:00 - Using ChatGPT and Power Automate in Financial Services: A Low-code Approach The session will explore the use of ChatGPT, a powerful language model, in combination with Power Automate, a Microsoft tool for building automated workflows, to improve efficiency and accuracy in financial services. Participants will learn how to leverage ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities to automate customer service inquiries, generate personalized financial advice based on risk assessment questionnaire. The session will also demonstrate how Power Automate can be used to streamline the flow of data and actions between ChatGPT. By the end of the session, attendees will have a better understanding of how these technologies can be integrated to enhance the customer experience and optimize operational processes in the financial services industry.
Santhosh Kumar Dhanasekaran 12:00 - Power Automate your way to make payments from inside Microsoft Teams Santhosh Kumar aka Sandy is a Data Engineer by profession, has an everlasting curiosity to try out new technologies, and shares his experience at community events. He is also the Lead for Azure Developer Community - Chennai region. He bagged first place in Azure Developer Stories 2021
Nico Fernandez Sumit Kumar 14:00 - Building Adaptive Cards and Power Apps Cards as Citizen Developer Adaptive Cards are snippets of UI that are authored with JSON. Power Apps Cards are micro apps with enterprise data and workflows and interactive, lightweight UI elements that other applications can use as content. It's easy to think that these type of components are meant to be built by technical skilled people, but you can build really complex Adaptive Cards and Card for Power Apps with an entire no-code / low-code as a Citizen Developer. Join us on this session to learn how to build your own adaptive cards and cards for Power apps as a citizen developer.

Chike Eduputa Eldon Chinyamakobvu
15:00 - Personalised engagement with Power Automate and Adaptive Cards The average working professional receives 100 emails and sends 50 emails. Information flow is unidirectional, important information is missed, and engagement is low, with 20-40% open rates and even slower response rates and missed insights. In this session, you will learn best practices using Microsoft Power Automate and Adaptive Cards to deliver high-impact, tailored employee communication to improve engagement, reduce emails and gain richer insights.
Krishna Rachakonda 16:00 - Customized Parallel & Sequential Approvals by using Power Apps & Power Automate process In this session, I would like to demo an application with parallel & sequential approvals by using Power Apps & Power Automate. There is 28 day flow run limit and there are workaround to re-trigger the flow. But I will showcase another way to create tasks with deep-links which will wait as long as an approver needs.
Friday Workshops
Matt Weston Power Automate Master Class

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with a sound overview of the process necessary to develop Cloud Flows using Microsoft Power Automate. It is designed to introduce those with little or no experience to the concepts of automation to allow them to identify the automation opportunity as well as create simple workflows to immediately add value to their daily lives.

The course provides a solid foundation for further learning which can be provided in the form of follow on courses, or short sprint sessions to focus on key areas introduced within the course.

On completion of this course delegates will be able to understand the key stages of working with Power Automate:

1. Define what Power Automate is and how it can be used

2. Create a cloud flow from blank

3. Build conditional logic

4. Create connections to Microsoft 365 services

5. Write basic expressions

6. Share flows with other users

Tomasz Poszytek Automate the impossible - where RPA steps in

Ever since companies started their journey to move IT to cloud, problem with old software, still being used, was getting more significant. But why should they replace it with new, cloud ready tools, if it still works and serves really fine its purpose? This is where Robotic Process Automation steps in and does the job.

During this workshop you will learn:

* About RPA in Microsoft Power Platform,
* How to run cloud flows that includes local machine steps,
* How to use Power Automate Desktop,
* Tips&Tricks to make your desktop flows better and more efficient.

Whenever you need to include legacy software in modern, cloud based workflows, RPA sounds like the ultimate solution. However, it's good to know its pros and cons to wisely make that choice.

Razwan Choudry ALM Deepdive, Power Platform Developer Bootcamp   Power Platform Developer Bootcamp is a hands on workshop free for public sector civil servants, students and microsoft customers to learn power platform development from scratch Day 1) Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse Day 2) Power Pages, Power BI Day 3) Customisation & Administration, Day 4) Plugin Development, Javascript, PCF Development, ALM  
Arpit Shrivastava Power Platform Developer Bootcamp   Power Platform Developer Bootcamp is a hands on workshop free for public sector civil servants, students and microsoft customers to learn power platform development from scratch Day 1) Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse Day 2) Power Pages, Power BI Day 3) Customisation & Administration, Day 4) Plugin Development, Javascript, PCF Development, ALM 
Danish Naglekar PCF Developer Workshop with Author of Developing Power Apps Component Framework  PCF Developer Workshop with Author of Developing Power Apps Component Framework 

London Automation Summit 2023 Venue

The Microsoft Low Code Automation Summit will take place in London Paddington 2 Kingdom St, London W2 6BD on 19-20th May 2023.

Nearest Station- Paddington Station is only a 5 Minute Walk from the Venue


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